Importance Of A Proposal And Quoting System

You are a champion sales executive who made a splendid first impression on a prospect, met with them face-to-face, duly followed-up with them, and they’ve asked you to submit a quote and proposal. 


Hang on, it is clearly too early to celebrate yet - most often, a proposal or a quote document is more than just the ‘splendid’ first impression you made – it can make or break the deal.

Quotes and Proposals form a mission-critical CRM business process. Putting together an appropriate, precise, professional Sales proposal template or quote is perhaps the most important part of the sales cycle, yet it often turns out to be a trying process that is poorly managed and tracked.

Bad graphics, misspelled print, misreading company vision and mission, pricing errors, inconsistent formatting - all these slip ups in a work proposal template can result in delays, bottlenecks, communication interruptions, and, ultimately, losing out on sales.

This is where a good quoting and proposal system becomes important to an organization.

When a prospect calls on a Friday afternoon with an RFP or RFQ to be delivered on Monday morning, the right proposal and quoting systems ensure that the resulting weekend is not a panic-driven fire drill.

What does a quoting and proposal system do?

Quoting and proposal software automates and streamlines the proposal management process in the sales cycle. Today, quoting and proposal systems are commonly integrated with CRM, accounting, e-signature software, etc., making the entire sales process more efficient.

The benefits of quoting and proposal software include the ability to swiftly produce professional and impressive sales documents that can win businesses. Quotes and proposals can be created in various file formats that can be shared easily across multiple channels. The formats also include dedicated proposal landing pages, which are 18% more likely to be approved than traditional marketing contract templates or marketing proposal templates.

Essentially, quoting and proposal systems allows marketing and sales teams to spend more time on growing the business, and less on paperwork. Here are some of the key benefits of using quoting and proposal software.

Automation and access to information

Many quoting and proposal software provide sales professionals with instant access to the latest information on their company’s pricing and inventory. To top this, automation capabilities of the software capture information about tasks and activities and autofill later, so that you don’t have to waste time filling data in Sales proposal templates, repeatedly and manually.

At some point in the sales cycle, you may need, say, product quotes from distributors. Imagine if the information is presented to you in a very large, complicated assessment . 

Without quote and proposal automation, you may end up spending hours just to reformat the document to turn it into one that can be appropriate to be sent to a client.

Automation capabilities of a quoting system can format the document  into a presentable quote and then send it to the right customers based on a trigger within your CRM, which can save your company thousands of productive working hours each year.

Visually appealing and professional sales documents

You may love the Microsoft Office Suite but it does have limitations. If a sales team does not use a quoting and proposal tool, they’re probably creating sales proposal templates in MS Word or Excel. These options do get the job done but can also look very unprofessional; especially when there are typos.

With quote and proposal software, you can access professional-grade sales proposal templates and marketing proposal templates. Not only do these work proposal templates look stellar, but they also eliminate tedious formatting and optimizing tasks.

What’s more, the sales proposal templates enable you to present your business creatively, letting prospects know that you also care about aesthetics, which are relatively secondary in a proposal document.

Lockdown pricing and pricing rules

Without a quote and proposal system, it can be hard to lock down costs and margins. It is possible for anybody to easily change fields in an Excel document—which can be quite terrible because one wrong keystroke could result in your company losing thousands of dollars in revenue. With the automation capabilities in a quote and proposal system, companies can set pricing rules and lockdown costs, preventing undue discounting.

Some tools also provide prospects the option to specify the quantity of a product or service; the tools automatically update the pricing according to their choice. This enables easy upsell because the sales proposal template provides the prospect with all the information that they need to make a buying decision.

Integration with CRM tools

The true supremacy of a good quote and proposal system comes from its integration capabilities with CRM, accounting software, and other productivity or project management tools. 

Sales data can be applied in business management tools to convert them into meaningful information, like pipeline, close rates, time-to-close, and more. Recent sales cycle studies indicate that the failure to properly manage a sales pipeline in a team can result in a 70% decrease in closed deals. Needless to say, this can be harshly unfavorable for an organization’s growth.

e-signature capabilities

Several quoting and proposal systems provide customers the ability to electronically sign sales documents. 

Studies reveal that the best-in-class sales teams employ e-signature 36% more often than the average ones. Providing your customers with the option to electronically sign proposals shows them you mean business. It makes it evident that you’re ready to get take over the project right from the moment they click on ‘Accept.’



The state of proposals has dramatically changed. It is no secret that the pandemic this year has pulled down sales activities for teams across the world. As sales teams hope to eventually start selling again with some kind of normalcy, proposal and quoting systems can help them stay on track of closing deals by providing access to professional sales proposal templates, automating the proposal process, and making proposal management more efficient.

It is now time for sales teams to not just stick to a solution that ‘might’ bring in more business, but rather invest in a proposal and quoting system that will propel their business through the uncertainty. 

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