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Deliver a strong sales enablement program to your partners, ensure their success, and grow your revenue.

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Award for Best Solution Q4 2021 by SMB TechFest
Award for Top Sales Technology 2021 by CIO Application
Bronze Award for Best Sales Marketing Vendor by ChannelPro

Zomentum is an Accel-funded Partner Growth Acceleration platform.

We can help you actively impact your partner revenue and acquire new partners from our ecosystem of more than 2500 partners
(growing 50% QoQ).
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Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Partners don’t like PRM tools. They have a low adoption rate because they’re vendor-specific and lack the integrations Partners need. Partners are focused on efficiency. PRMs fall short because they:

  • Exist as a silo of rarely-updated documents.
  • Don’t have mechanisms for real-time partner engagement.
  • Provide no visibility into your partner’s activities.
  • Lack essential partner-workflow integrations.
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Integrate into the Partner’s workflow, making it simple for them to recommend and sell your solution. A single login into a platform built to maximize revenue means multi-vendor sales are a breeze for Partners. We help you put Partner growth at the center of your expansion strategy:

  • Connect with a strong partner network.
  • Onboard partners quickly and offer sales documents.
  • See partner activities and SMB buying insights.
  • Offer unparalleled integrations for every partner workflow.

Drive Partner Growth and Boost Your Revenue

Get access to a large partner network and understand aggregated SMB demands. Educate Partners on your products and help them become more successful.

Forget PRM Tools
Adopt Partner Growth Management

Legacy SaaS vendors are known, but Partners (and their clients) want wider options and modern catalogs. With targeted SMB solution recommendations, we introduce and recommend your products to an established network of thousands of technology partners.

If your existing partners aren’t on Zomentum yet, we’ll gladly help them take advantage of our growth solutions.

More sales conversions for them. More repeat business for you.

Increase Sales and Revenue with a Powerful, Easy-to-Use Platform

Engage Purposefully

Connect with an established and reputable Partner network.

Support Effectively

Take advantage of sales enablement to assist Partners.

Convert Quickly

Offer templates and sales quotes to Partners to close deals quickly.

Integrate Intelligently

Create an integrated solutions stack with leading SaaS tools.

Consult Strategically

Help Partners become a vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Align Easily

Sync Partner activities to your pipeline and win together.

Consult Strategically

Be the ultimate vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Integrate Intelligently

Be the ultimate vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Evolve Offerings

Be the ultimate vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Nurture Automatically

Be the ultimate vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Convert Quickly

Be the ultimate vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Reconcile Billing Easily

Be the ultimate vCIO for all SMB IT spend decisions.

Power Partner Success

All-in-one Platform

Streamline sales, quotations, and procurement for Technology Partners.

Sales Enablement Content

Assist Partners by providing marketing content and training programs accessible in Zomentum.

End-user Insights

Get data-driven recommendations based on usage patterns and SMB needs.

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