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MSP 2022 Growth Survey - Report

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MSP 2022 Growth Survey - The Report

Insights on how MSPs see 2022 growth and investment

With responses from over 125+ MSPs worldwide, this survey analysis the growth achieved, investments made, and challenges experienced during the pandemic, along with 2021 exclusively. See where you stand among your peers as you explore the confidence, ambitions, and strategies in place for the year ahead.

  • How has the pandemic influenced your decision to invest in Sales/Marketing?
  • Did your revenue increase, stay roughly the same, or reduce in 2021?
  • Do you have enough resources to keep pace with current workloads? For how long?
  • What could keep you from achieving your 2022 goals?
  • Will you invest more, less, or roughly the same in Sales/Marketing activities for your 2022 growth plan?

A growth mindset is the key to your success! In our 2022 growth survey in collaboration with Wingman Marketing, more than 125 MSPs shared their plans and expectations for future growth. We asked MSPs about last year’s business growth, this year’s goals and targets, and most importantly, strategies to keep growing. Read the report to understand your position among your peers in this dynamic market and focus on accruing more revenue this year.

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