Top 10 CSP Billing Software for MSPs

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As a technology partner and managed service provider (MSP), you buy from a number of vendors, particularly cloud solutions providers (CSPs). Working with multiple vendors comes with the pain of manually managing the billing and licenses. 

Manual billing is error prone and cumbersome because you have to manage multiple bills and dates while meeting payment terms. The alternative is using automated CSP billing software.

In this post, learn what CSP billing software is and see our picks for the top 10 solutions.

What is CSP Billing Software

CSP billing software provides a single bill that’s broken down by customers and details all the services they’ve paid for. The benefit is two-fold. First, your staff can ensure client satisfaction. Second, it’s easy to track customer spending. These insights are valuable to ensure long-term profitability and growth.

CSP software also makes it easy to track and manage the number of licenses. All unbilled or overlooked licenses are automatically identified to ensure you don’t fall victim to human error. Every change is checked, recorded, and reported to ensure accurate billing. You can easily add or remove users and products because your customers pay only for the licenses they need and use. 

Various CSP billing software solutions are available in the market. Each comes with its own set of features and payment model. 

Top 10 CSP Billing Software for MSPs

Take a look at the most popular CSP billing software we’ve learned about from our technology partners.

1. Connectwise

Connectwise is a complete enterprise resource management (ERP) system for managed service providers. Its platform consists of the following products: 

  • Connectwise Manage: PSA 
  • Connectwise Sell: Quotation and billing 
  • Connectwise Recover: Backups
  • Connectwise Automate: Remote monitoring and management (RMM) requirements

This single platform provides insights into all internal processes, projects, customers, and results throughout your company.  

Connectwise offers a free trial to get you started.

2. Zomentum Connect

Zomentum Connect (previously called Goolash) is a stress-free billing and license reconciliation solution for MSPs and technology partners. It provides multiple integrations, including Microsoft CSP, Autotask PSA, Google Workspace, Acronis Cyber Cloud, Sophos, BitDefender, and Duo.

Other Zomentum products include:

  • Zomentum Grow: An all-in-one sales application that accelerates deals and increases revenue. 
  • Zomentum Partner-Align: A marketplace to discover SaaS vendors with growing channel programs.

Zomentum Connect supports various pricing plans based on the number of accounts you have. The freemium version is for early-stage technology partners and supports up to three accounts. 

3. Datto Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA, which was recently acquired by Datto, unifies all operational and administrative data in a centralized location. Born in the cloud, Autotask is one of the fastest-growing PSA solutions worldwide. It’s a one-stop solution for MSPs and technology partners worldwide with advanced billing and procurement possibilities. As the central hub of a technology partner’s business, Autotask currently has over 170 integrations available.

Datto also offers RMM and backup software, which works well with the Autotask PSA offering. 

Pricing for Autotask PSA starts at $59/month for each user. 

4. Kaseya Billing & Finance

With Kaseya BMS, you can manage your business management processes. This solution covers all MSP needs, including ticketing, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, billing and invoicing, and time tracking.

It’s part of the larger Kaseya stack and integrates smoothly with its other products. Because it’s simple to set up, Kaseya is ideal for smaller businesses and IT departments.

Prices start at $25/month for each user.

5. N-able MSP Manager

N-able MSP Manager, formerly known as Solarwinds MSP Manager, is for MSPs who support small-to-medium-sized businesses and for IT departments that manage large distributed systems. It includes such features as endpoint monitoring, antivirus, e-mail filtering, backup, patch management, service desk ticketing, and remote control.

N-able MSP Manager is available to use as a free trial. For specific pricing information, request a quote.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is part of the Microsoft Business Solutions suite. It’s more geared toward business professionals—not MSPs—who prefer full control over the way they build their business processes.

Dynamics 365 is both an ERP and a CRM solution. It includes out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Sharepoint, Yammer, Microsoft 365, Azure, and other productivity tools in the Microsoft suite.

Initially available for installation on-premises, Dynamics 365 is now fully cloud-based. Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 for smaller enterprises as part of its Microsoft Business Central package

7. Syncro

Syncro combines PSA and RMM in its platform along with several integrated tools such as invoicing, credit card payments, help desk, customer management, automation, scripting, remote access, and email marketing. 

Compared to other solutions in this list, Syncro’s pricing plan includes access to the entire suite for unlimited endpoints. You can purchase a monthly license at $129 per user, or an annual license that breaks down to $119 per month per user. The company also offers a free trial.

8. Pulseway PSA

Pulseway PSA touts itself as the ultimate business management software for MSPs. It includes an easy-to-use CRM, service desk, and project management system next to its billing and invoicing capabilities. Along with its PSA software, Pulseway PSA also offers an RMM solution, backup tooling, and endpoint protection.

Pulseway PSA starts at $35/month per user and offers a free trial. The company has an easily accessible training section with videos to help you learn and understand how to use their software.

9. Teamleader

Teamleader focuses on customer management, project management, and invoicing. Its software isn’t geared specifically to MSPs but to the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium-sized businesses. 

The low barrier to entry and easy-to-use interface has made Teamleader a favorite among many MSP startups and technology companies. 

Teamleader’s pricing plan starts at €50/month for two users. The company also offers a two-week trial. 

10. Exact Online

Exact Online is a more generalized cloud business software that does not focus specifically on the MSP market. It’s intended for subject matter experts (SMEs), freelancers, startups, small companies, and enterprises. 

Together with its bookkeeping software, you can subscribe to Exact Online’s CRM, Human Resource Management, Time & Billing, and Project Management tools. If you have offices around the world, Exact Online offers Exact for International Business. 

Exact Online’s  price plans start at €39/month.

Find the Right CSP Billing Software for You

Working with the right technology vendors is imperative for your MSPs and technology partners. The best CSPs build their services and cloud solution market around you. Use the list in this post to choose the right CSP billing software for you.

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