Using Autotask? Prevent Revenue Loss by Automating License Reconciliation | Webinar Summary


Have you been manually updating your client's licenses in your Autotask PSA? Then you should know what a challenge it is to spend all that time coordinating and updating the PSA. You might also have experienced revenue losses due to manual updates.

Our industry experts, Ben Spector, Chris Timm, and Jef Bogaerts who spent more than 10 years in the industry, will demonstrate how Zomentum Connect overcomes these challenges easily and help you integrate your vendors, including Google, Microsoft, or any other vendor you are working with.

Here are key takeaways to prevent revenue leakage and save your team's time:

Key Takeaways:

• What are the challenges with updating licenses in Autotask, and why go with license reconciliation

Updating licenses in Autotask might lead to errors and is very time-consuming. With license reconciliation, you reduce human error, saving time and increasing profitability. It gives you distributor independence as well. You can also give alerts for new customer service, ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything.

• How to reconcile licenses if your vendors are not in the US or are not major vendors

The number of vendors on the market is growing exponentially year on year. So there is no way to keep up with the number of vendors out there and get them all natively integrated. We, in Zomentum Connect, are in the process of releasing a vendor API so that they can directly integrate with us.

Zomentum Connect also has a browser plug-in, Exclaimer. For some vendor billing website pages, you can use the plugin to extract the billing data from that page and push it directly into Connect and reconcile it into Autotask. Even the CSV upload and the browser plug-in are working worldwide, which resolves many issues for almost every MSP.

• How you can prevent any revenue loss in the future

Once you connect your vendors with Zomentum Connect, most of the work licenses are mapped between the vendor and your AutotaskPSA. You also get instant alerts on products that aren’t billed or when an end customer isn’t connected to a contract. Zomentum Connect puts you in control with all-around visibility into your licensing and billing, helping you prevent lost revenue.

• What are the other advantages of using Zomentum Connect

The advantage of using Zomentum Connect integration is that you can do some overrides. And, we understand that sometimes you could need to modify particular licenses. Zomentum Connect gives you the flexibility to make licenses free for your clients and even provide services as a bundle. You can also create a custom plan for every customer based on what is laid out in need of your work. Zomentum Connect also has the possibility to create a contract over data contracts or combine contracts as we manage multiple vendors. So it becomes easy to combine all the information from different vendors that we support and connect with in the same contract.

“We are the new Autotask Contract Brain” - Jef Bogaerts

• Benefits of the Microsoft NCE Integration

We all are aware of the complexities that Microsoft NCE comes with, and now as Microsoft is also pushing its Partners to adopt NCE from the CSP model. With the Microsoft NCE Integration with Zomentum Connect, you can manage your Microsoft NCE licenses. You can split up a Microsoft end customer with multiple subscriptions with a different renewal date for every Microsoft product and different contracts if needed.

This puts you in control of every license based on the renewal date. In the past, and with other solutions, all the prior licenses that are in the same Autotask contract have the same start date.

With Zomentum Connect, you can select the end customer account and update the start date, and this will also be synced with your Autotask account.

• What sets Zomentum Connect apart from Other Vendors?

Zomentum Connect not just takes care of license reconciliation but also comes with features that can make your life as an MSP easier. Some of the highlights for Zomentum Connect are:

  • It helps you reconcile licenses, irrespective of the vendor you are working with, via integrations with them or through CSV import or email.  
  • Zomentum Connect is independent of your Microsoft distributor and can bring in your license information no matter who your distributor is.
  • It gives you absolute visibility on the customer level by combining multiple vendors in the same contracts.
  • You can override customer contracts and service on the customer level.
  • If you have defined the minimum number of licenses you give or sometimes give licenses for free, you can update all of it at the customer level.
  • It supports Microsoft NCE.

For deeper insights into Zomentum Connect, watch the video on Automating License Reconciliation, and to get started with us, book a demo!