Want To Know The Benefits Of Using A Proposal Software? We List 8 Here!

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If you have had the chance to peek into online sales and (serious) business groups you would see an insane amount of conversations going on how to create sales documents or proposals and the pain the sales folks go through to create one and then get it signed.

Usually, in most of these cases, the salespeople use a document editor (read MS Word) to create their proposals, which is not wrong but is not easy either.

And in most cases, business owners and sales folks alike are on the edge on whether they should use a proposal builder or stick to MS word they have been using for decades. In this post, we list down 8 reasons to use a proposal software.

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Okay…. The most interesting of the things that you might have come across about proposal software is the overarching features like metrics, pipeline views, interactive pricing tables, in-proposal chats, and many more. 

They are of brilliant use, and you have a complete realization of that! 

But how do you think the introduction of proposal software to your workflow will improve the sales process? What else do you think will be benefited from the adoption of proposal software? 

Unclear yet? Need bulls-eye references to believe the wonders a proposal software can do? 

And it’s not the time to turn your attention and leave the topic unread. 

Disclaimer: Before we begin, for MSPs new to the concept of business proposal software, it might help if you read What Is A Business Proposal Software And How To Structure A Proposal? 

Now, let’s jump right in,

Simplifies your sales process

Considering the fact that you are moving from a disoriented proposal process to a proposal software, you can solidify your offerings and bring more clarity to your customer and your team about the products and services that you offer. 

A proposal software (like Zomentum) usually has a content library that’s filled with price details and packages to choose from for your varied prospects. You never spend time on creating your proposal from scratch, thus making your pricing process and time estimation more efficient. 

With Zomentum you can be crystal clear with your team and stay out of redundant questions related to pricing and packaging. Everything you or your team needs is into the system. All they need to do is confirm the pricing, and move ahead to create a proposal with a click. 

With this design, you can focus on things more important than discussing with your peers on choosing a pricing package. Ain’t that time effective and a splendid solution to your problems?

Speeds up negotiation and objection handling 

How many of you might have gotten into the crazy loop of continuous changes suggested by your prospects in the proposal? Looks vicious sometimes, ain’t it? 

Well, most of us have been in the place where you keep changing your proposal after a series of emails or calls from your prospects. And then you guarantee them that their newer version of the proposal would be at their fingertips for review ‘soon’. 

This cycle of the time-consuming process becomes void with a proposal software in place. For any changes suggested by your prospects, just update the sales document and send it over in minutes. 

Neither do you scratch your head to remember the list of modifications pending, nor do you even think about the deadline to send the last version. You can sway your proposal changes without getting distracted from the sales pitches you make. 

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Seamlessly collaborate and track 

After sending a proposal to your prospects, do you forget about them? The next day, do you focus more on making sales or think about your open sales proposal from the previous day? Do you get bothered and hyper thinking 'why isn't the signed sales proposal here, yet?’

Well, it's human nature to bother about something that hasn’t achieved closure! 

With a proposal software like Zomentum in place, you can keep calm while managing sales proposals and prospecting. Once your proposal is out to your prospect, you can track every activity made on the proposal. 

The more informed you are about the prospects’ status on signing the proposal, the lesser you distract from making new sales. And this is one of the biggest achievements for MSPs who wish to have an efficient sales process. 

Features like live tracking and online document collaboration not only inform you about the changes requested by the customer but also gives you a platform for you and the customer to discuss these changes live via a chat/collaborate option usually present in proposal software like Zomentum.

Proposal software helps you maintain a quick turnaround on your new proposals and lets you be informed on the status of your open proposals from the past!

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Get projects faster

With a proposal software solution in place, it would be sooner for you to get a project off the ground. Once you are done with the sales conversations, quickly send over your sales proposal, and with our e-signature option, close the deal without wasting much time, effort, and paper (saving the environment here!)

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Revive your inactive deals

I am sure that you might have been at places where you send your sales proposal, follow up with your prospects for some time, and then they all go radio silent!

But if you are lucky enough, then there might also be situations where your prospects would recover the old conversation and revisit the proposal. In case that happens ever, without a proposal software, you go all *crickets*. 

A proposal software solution helps you keep a track of the older conversations. One-click on the previously sent proposal and you know that there’s a slight chance of a conversion. 

You might say that they were prospects who were never interested in taking your subscription in the first place. But people change, and people might change their thoughts!

At any given instance, a prospect is your hot lead. Let be in the same month of the conversation, or 6 months down the line. As a person responsible for revenue generation, you must never give up on your prospects. 

Get over the proposal procrastination

When you manually craft your proposal, there are many such questions that fly aboard, like where is the bio, who has the case study, what goes into the executive summary,  and the list is never-ending!

A proposal software with an organized content library and proposal template is anyday your saviour! 

In Zomentum for example, we have multiple proposal templates that suit your business needs. Also, the introduction of Merge Tags in the proposal builder helps to pull predefined data of the prospects in seconds! You can read more about the feature in our product update blog ‘What’s new in Zomentum this April?

Proposal Templates in Zomentum

Track performance and improve

While technology is advancing, how could we leave this important aspect untouched!

As a salesperson, we know how crucial it is to be aware of your prospects’ journey. In fact, God’s gift if we are able to predict each and every move. Powerful, huh!

With a proposal software like Zomentum, you can keep a complete track of your proposal metrics which gives you clear insights on your prospect's interest and mind. How many minutes the prospect spent on a page, how many times did the prospect view the proposal, where did the prospect drop every time and many more.  

Even better, Zomentum provides an in-proposal chat function where your prospect can communicate with you instantly. No calls, no appointments. If they have a query, they get answered while they are on the same page. 

In Proposal Chat Feature in Zomentum

Grow revenue

What’s the use of a proposal software if it doesn’t make your sales process efficient! We understand as an MSP, prospecting is a little difficult as a task. However, when we analyze, the complete process to close deals is tiresome. And it would be beneficial for all the parties if atleast one major sub-process becomes simplified, automated, and organized. 

You can scale your business, be more productive, and create interactive proposals with flexible options, and increase your average contract value and client base without much hassle. 

That’s what a proposal software can do for you! Make your life simple.

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While good news comes to those who wait, our question is ‘why wait?’

We are talking about having MORE, and don’t you think the more comes out well when you have a tool added to your sales process?

A proposal software like Zomentum can be of your utmost help in both the worlds- now and later. So, empower yourself with a tool that would let you kill it every day, every month. Book here.

Want To Know The Benefits Of Using A Proposal Software? We List 8 Here!