5 Reasons Why MSPs Should Add CPQ To Their Business Workflow

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It’s Friday afternoon. You’re ready to wind up your work, working on short-term goals, and are already making plans for the weekend. Suddenly, a prospect calls with a request for a proposal or a quote to be delivered on Monday morning on priority (When is it not a priority, right?).

Your weekend is spent in a panic-driven fire drill working on the requirements, building quotes on a word document or a spreadsheet, juggling with bad graphics, misspelled print, misreading company vision and mission, pricing errors, inconsistent formatting, and more such small issues. Finally, on Monday you deliver a document to the prospect, only for it to be sent back with more price adjustments and requirements, kicking off the entire process for you again.

Your weekend could have been saved had you implemented CPQ software. The right proposal and quoting system would have pre-empted these bottlenecks and slipups, helping you build a professional-looking and personalized quote/proposal that is well-drafted, managed, and tracked.

What is CPQ?

CPQ or configure, price, quote is a software that enables sales teams to quickly and accurately produce price quotes for complex and configurable products. 

If you’re an IT service provider, you’re most likely to have complex product bundles that require different configuration, pricing, and quoting needs. CPQ software helps you streamline all these three into one automated system by helping you create highly specialized and customized quotes for your products, tailored to your customers. This leads to an increase in both sales velocity and productivity. More importantly, it saves time for sales reps to focus on what matters the most - closing deals and building long-term relations with your prospects and customers.

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Still unsure? Here are 5 reasons why CPQ can help you land more opportunities:

Quickly create and send accurate quotes

Cloud CPQ software helps IT Partners simplify and speed up end-to-end quoting. The quicker your team can conduct a sales assessment and send out a quote, the faster they can uncover and overcome any bottlenecks and, if all goes well, close the deal.

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Constructing a successful proposal in the least amount of time is crucial. Even if the prospect asks for adjustments, CPQ tool helps you easily accommodate those so the decision-makers can quickly begin their evaluation process.

Upsell and adjust your Quotes and Pricing

Another important reasoning for having CPQ Software is to increase your chances of upselling. Modern-day Cloud-based CPQ software allows your customers to edit product quantities, altering services and support levels, and adjusting the financials on the fly, instead of manually going through a revision process. Less negotiation, more customizations, and better customer service lead to short sales cycles, improved customer retention, increased revenue, and more sales. 

To top this, the automation capabilities of CPQ tool capture information about tasks and activities and autofill later, so that you don’t have to waste time filling data in sales proposal templates, repeatedly and manually.

Sell and Launch more products quickly

CPQ automates the entire process of adding new products to the catalog, also helping you choose accurate pricing, and train your sales teams. You have the option to add or remove products from the catalog, update and create product bundles, and make price adjustments that can be deployed to the sales teams immediately. You also have the option to add discounts and installation charges depending on your product scope and customer. More importantly, CPQ allows you to set and lock down pricing rules and lockdown costs, preventing undue discounting.

Integrate with PSAs and Distributors

With CPQ, you can create product configurations and bundles that make sense. CPQ integrates with your existing price list (delivered either via manual spreadsheets or PSA software) and also with distributors, product catalogs, and vendor partners’ databases. With these integrations, you can automatically import the most up-to-date pricing information and produce error-free quotes in a matter of minutes.

Deliver a better customer experience

A CPQ Software streamlines the end-to-end quoting process, cutting the time to generate quotes from hours or days to just minutes. With a CPQ, you get faster sales cycles, far more accurate pricing data, and frequent opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and bundle your products. All these lead to a better customer experience. As you send timely quotes, it helps you save productive hours to focus on the most important aspect of your business - building customer relationships.

Are you willing to implement a CPQ solution in your sales process? Now is the time to invest in the right CPQ to simplify the complex quoting process. Zomentum’s powerful and intuitive IT CPQ toolset helps you configure pricing, quote contracts, build quick and beautiful quotes with drag and drop modules, and secure with legally binding e-signature. Not just that, Zomentum integrates with industry-leading PSAs such as Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, provides product catalog with Etilize, and syncs with your favorite distributor partners, including D&H, Ingram Micro, Synnex, DickerData so you can source real-time pricing for all IT products.

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