Analyze Your Pipeline and Evolve Strategy

Evaluate pipeline health and learn which sales patterns are most successful for your team to create repeatable sales playbooks.

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Make Informed Decisions and Optimize Your Operations

Use Data To Improve Your Growth Strategy

Download reports to see sales performance, document conversion, and revenue growth. Uncover insights and create repeatable “sales plays” that win your next deals. Further, use data to monitor market trends and understand shifts in customer demand. Also, identify new opportunities for growth, such as new products or services that may be in demand or untapped markets that you can enter.

Understand How to Maximize Sales Teams Productivity

Create customized reports to identify the most effective channels for reaching your target market, optimizing messaging, and tracking the success of your campaigns. Choose from pre-built visualization templates. Get insights on pipeline health and take the right action to increase sales and grow revenue goals. Benchmark your business growth with peers in the Industry and track revenue goals weekly, monthly, and every quarter.

Uncover Predictive Insights

Monitor sales win/loss ratio and use advance filters to reward top sales performers. Improve your sales pitches by reviewing data on successful proposals and uncover the right moves that helped you win deals. Keep track of overall business progress by staying updated on long-term revenue goals and previously achieved sales targets. Build an improved sales process based on new found insights to win more opportunities.

See Genuine Revenue-Boosting Figures. No More Shooting in the Dark.

Create Custom Reports

The admins of the platform will have the access to tap into the ready-to-work reports with pre-loaded metrics. You can also create custom reports that suits your workflow and business requirements.

Use Charts That You Prefer

Analyze trends over a time period  and categorize data into Line Graphs, Bar Charts, Funnel Charts, and even proportional data with Pie Charts.

Build Reports From Opportunities

Our automation engine tracks and collates contacts, company names, and call logs from multiple sources in one place. Create reports to see how opportunities are moving along the sales funnel and what are the points of friction.

Achieve a Single Source of Truth

The reporting dashboard showcases the predefined reports provided by Zomentum along with all the new reports created and saved by your teams.

Why Zomentum
Visualize Data and Take Critical Decisions

When integrating multiple sales tools into one, Zomentum updates all opportunity and contact data in a central repository. Sales teams can create a variety of reports using this information to gain granular insights into their collective and individual activities, as well as the related results.

Forecast Your Growth

Use sales forecasting to predict future sales trend based on historical data. This can be useful for planning and budgeting purposes. You can identify trends, most successful products or services, and opportunities for improvement.

Measure Your Sales Effectiveness

Choose our easy-to-use sales automation that provides detailed insight into your sales teams' efforts and outlines what’s working and not working by monitoring sales activity, sales pipeline conversion, and document reports.

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Other Features
Assess How to Deliver Value

Perform routine risk assessments to identify gaps.

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Manage Pipelines & Funnels

Close deals quickly with sales activity management.

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Build Proposals & Contracts

Use a powerful document editor to simplify client communication.

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Optimize Your Sales Efforts and Drive Growth

Generate reports that provide a detailed overview of sales data, including sales performance, customer demographics, and other key metrics.

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