Build a Robust Onboarding Process and Partner Enablement Framework

Ease the process of onboarding, training, and managing partners and get them in action quickly.

Give Your Partners the Support To Become Real Experts

Be a Part of More Partner Deals

Create sales enablement materials that partners can directly use in their quotes and proposals and send to customers all from within the same platform. With our Saved Blocks feature, you can easily customize, brand, and save these templates that different partners can access.

Offer Assistance to Partners in

Shadow assist on deals and offer proactive support to partners. Provide sales advice and real-time chat to shorten the time-to-value for Partners.

Share and Update Enablement Resources for Your Partners

Zomentumā€™s dedicated training center allows you to upload and organize your sales, marketing, and training documents, contracts, videos, email templates, and more. Your partners get a single place to access the most up-to-date training materials.

Get a Single Source of Truth

Do away with fragmented tools such as spreadsheets, forms, and emails. Manage all your shared opportunities and workflows in a single platform synced to your CRM.

Why You Need an Effective Partner Enablement Framework

Increased Partner Engagement

You get more recall among partners for your products as they are appropriately trained.

Quicker time-to-value and ROI

One platform for partners to access training and enablement and implement it in sales cycles.

Improved win rate

As partners are adequately trained, sales cycles get reduced, and time-to-close is shortened.

Boosted Partner Loyalty

Your partners are enabled to sell better, which earns you trusted recognition and partner loyalty.

Why Zomentum
Become a Preferred Vendor

Zomentum has 4,000+ active GTM Partners and 100+ SaaS Companies from across the globe. While co-selling with your partners, they can book revenue and get paid on time, making you the vendor of choice.

Power of a well-connected tech stack

Zomentum has 50+ well-functioning and relevant integrations, providing a single, authentic source of truth to align teams, eliminate conflicts and drive revenue predictability.

Standardized way of working with partners

We know how partners sell. We bring this intelligence to you. So you can enable them accordingly to bring more sales and boost revenue.

See More Signups and Sales From Your New Partners

Equip your partners with the sales enablement tools and training they need to succeed.

We Have Been Recognised by the Industry for Our Partner-first Approach
Zomentum Enables More Wins for Partners and SaaS Companies
Co-sell with Partners

Automate your co-selling process to boost revenue.

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Partner Enablement and Onboarding

Ease the process of onboarding, training, and managing partners.

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Expand Partner Network

Search for new partners to work with.

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Free Tools and Resources To Explore
ROI Calculator

For SaaS Companies to accurately assess their partner programs and make necessary improvements

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Accelerate Sales With Channel Partnerships

Learn how to scale your partner program from Ā 10 to 10,000+ partners!

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Know Everything About Our Partner Ecosystem Management Platform

See how Zomentum enables everyone in the partner ecosystem to grow