Ensure Revenue Predictability with Partner Deal Registration

Build a robust shared pipeline for profitable growth for you and your channel partners.

Create a Flow of Information That’s Both Actionable and Acted Upon

Increased Revenue Predictability

With built-in funnel management, you get full visibility into the deal pipeline and see real-time quoting behaviors to forecast partner sales accurately. When deals are shared, you know how much is converted, so you can easily predict revenue.

Eliminate Channel Conflict

With sales funnel management solution included for partners, Zomentum gives you clear visibility over lead origination, assignment, and activities. All these details are synced to your CRM in real-time, avoiding channel conflict.

Improved Resource Allocation

Pinpoint when and where deals are coming from. Plan accordingly and give partners the resources they need to close deals right when they need them.

Single Source of Truth

No more fragmented tools such as spreadsheets, forms, and emails. Manage all your shared opportunities and workflows in a single platform synced to your CRM and your Partner’s CRM.

Why You Need a Deal Registration Program

Drive Desired Partner Behavior

Partners are motivated to sell better because they can easily work on their deals, without intervention.

Measure Partner Performance

You can forecast partner sales and see exactly how much revenue was sourced via partners.

Enhance Partner Collaboration

Creates harmony between partners because they know no other partner or salesperson can interfere in their sales process

Reduce Channel Conflict

Easily distinguish between partner-driven leads and the leads provided to the partner for fulfillment.

Make Channel Partner GTM Successful with Zomentum
Become a Preferred Vendor

Zomentum has 4,000+ active GTM Partners and 100+ SaaS Companies from across the globe. While co-selling with your partners, they can book revenue and get paid on time, making you the vendor of choice.

Power of a well-connected tech stack

Zomentum has 50+ well-functioning and relevant integrations, providing a single, authentic source of truth to align teams, eliminate conflicts and drive revenue predictability.

Co-sell with your partners

Give your prospective clients increased confidence and boost your revenue — all through the power of co-selling with your partners.

See More Signups and Sales From Your Partners

Get transparency into partner pipeline and manage conflicts

We Have Been Recognised by the Industry for Our Partner-first Approach
Zomentum Enables More Wins for Partners and SaaS Companies
Co-sell with Partners

Automate your co-selling process to boost revenue.

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Partner Enablement and Onboarding

Ease the process of onboarding, training, and managing partners.

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Expand Partner Network

Search for new partners to work with.

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Free Tools and Resources To Explore
ROI Calculator

For SaaS Companies to accurately assess their partner programs and make necessary improvements

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Learn how to scale your partner program from  10 to 10,000+ partners!

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